Corinne Mays - Practice Manager

Corinne Mays brings over a decade of experience in the finance industry, having closely supported top executives from global banks and investment funds, then later becoming a financial analyst herself.  Corinne is our chief implementation officer and has a knack for turning 10,000-foot vision into practical, actionable results.

As our Firm’s practice manager, Corinne is responsible for overseeing the Firm’s systems and processes to ensure a fluid client experience from initial consultation to the final deliverable.  In addition to managing the Firm’s workflow, Corinne is constantly reviewing and improving our tech stack to ensure that we leverage the most secure and efficient technologies.

Corinne was born and raised in the greater Minneapolis area.  Corinne weathered three decades of the blistering Minnesota winters before succumbing to Arizona’s year-round outdoor bliss.  Corinne and her husband enjoy exploring the desert’s beauty with their beautiful children, seeking out the most authentic Mexican food they can find on the way.