What is Beneficial Ownership Information Reporting?

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BOSS Communication Policy

Whether our team is forming a new business, providing nonprofit consulting, or getting a tax return done, it is vitally important that we keep each other abreast of any new developments and timely respond to one another. For us to give you the best representation and advice, we need to be in the know, and that is why it is in our best interests to work together on communicating efficiently. Here are some guidelines for what practices we are following and what we expect from our clients:

Email, Text and Phone Communications

When our staff reaches out to you via email, text or phone call, we are likely dealing with time sensitive legal and tax issues, and for that reason we ask that you return/respond to our communication within 72 hours. For calls, emails, and texts, we endeavor to respond to you within 24 hours to emails received during business hours. BOSS’ communications to you will always be polite, patient, and understanding and we ask that you treat our staff in the same courteous manner.

Tax Season Filing Process

During tax season (January – April) and extension season (October – November) our accountants and tax professionals will process tax returns on a first in, first out basis; meaning those who timely submit all of the requested information needed will have their tax returns prepared and completed first. Once we have received all necessary documents for a return, we plan to have the return prepared, reviewed and filed within two weeks. If there are delays in getting information to us to complete your return, it may result in us needing to file an extension on your behalf. For these reasons, it is paramount that you quickly review and respond to any communications from our tax team while they are preparing your return(s) to keep with that timeline.

*Please note that if own an interest in a business or real estate investment which permits the managers of the investment to send a K-1 after the filing deadline (or for other reasons outside our control), we may be required to file an extension and wait to receive the information before we can complete your business/personal tax return.