What is Beneficial Ownership Information Reporting?

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Multi-State Taxes

Multi-State Taxes

Have operations in multiples states? No problem!

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We routinely work with clients that operate in multiple states. Sometimes that means employees, sales reps or inventory. With remote working arrangements becoming commonplace you may need to file in more state than you previously considered.

  • Nexus Studies – For state income or sales tax. We review the touchpoints you have with a state and advise you on whether you have a filing requirement.
  • Voluntary Disclosure Agreements - We utilize the VDA process to get caught up on back taxes you owe to states you haven’t filed in. We can normally limit the number of years to file to 3-5 and have the penalties waived.
  • State Tax Audits – If you are being audited for income or sales tax we can coordinate with auditors on your behalf, walking you through the process from site visits, to record requests and tax calculations.