What is Beneficial Ownership Information Reporting?

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ProActive Tax Planning

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Save money with proactive tax planning

Stop being surprised by an end-of-year tax bill and start planning to save your hard-earned cash. Every year, business owners throw away hundreds and thousands of dollars by getting their taxes done after the fact. At that point, there is no tax planning only tax paying; this is where BOSS comes in. Want to know how much you can save by having a personalized tax plan? Get started with a free discovery call, where we assess what credits, deductions, and loopholes we can get to work for your unique situation.

Our team digs through prior years’ tax returns and meets with you one-on-one to with valuable insight into best practices, reducing tax through deferral, income shifting, tax credits, and legal loopholes.

These fees vary based on your business and personal circumstances and are best evaluated with a discovery call.

The specific strategies we identified for you in Phase One are then implemented then we work on maintaining your tax-efficient practices. Throughout the process, as questions arise and you need guidance, we are close by and will have answers ready.


This plan is ideal for someone who is dipping their toes in investing, while still has their main income from another job.

Tax Subscription starting at $225/month


Ready to take the plunge and decide your business dreams are worth pursuing? This plan may be for you.

Tax Subscription starting at $375/month


You have fared well so far, but it’s time to get a trusted advisor to help you achieve tax efficient growth.

Tax Subscription starting at $625/month


You and your partners have worked hard to achieve what you have made; make sure as your business continues to scale you have an advisors to help you achieve maximum use of tax deferral, income shifting, tax credits, and legal loopholes.

Tax Subscription starting at $975/month

Common adjustments to the subscription price include multiple owners, multi-state operations, multi-tiered entities.